The Day the Cow Sneezed


Written & illustrated by James Flora

Full color throughout
48 pages
Subject: Tall Tales
Age group: 4–8
ISBN: 978-1-59270-097-4
8 1/2" x 11 1/8"

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About the Book

"I bet your cow never sneezed a hole in the schoolhouse wall. Our cow did!" Thus begins is one of the funniest, fastest-paced, tallest-tale stories ever told! The fun mounts as absurdity cascades on absurdity, until at the very end one small boy learns that a "teeny-weeny error can grow into a whopping big mistake almost before you can say Ka-Chow!"

With brilliantly colored, bold and original pictures and a sure use of words that sweep the reader along, James Flora has created a hilariously wise picture book that will bring delighted laughter to the young of any age!

Awards and Reviews

"For the opposite of earnest uplift, consider the lively and zany illustrations in James Flora's reissued 1957 tall tale." - The Wall Street Journal

"Kids will be swept away by the madcap hullabaloo." - Elizabeth Bird, Time Out New York Kids

"Straight-up pandemonium is what occurs in this story. Madcap zaniness abounds." - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast