My Dad is Big and Strong, BUT... A Bedtime Story


Written by Coralie Saudo
Illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo

Full color throughout
32 pages
Subject: Growing Up, Humor
Age group: 4-8
ISBN: 978-1-59270-122-3
9" x 11 7/8"

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About the Book

Every night it's the same old thing, with dad refusing to go to bed. He wants to play, read stories, even sleep with me, and when he makes his pleading face, I always give in and read him another story. But that's it, since enough is enough. When it gets really tough, I tell myself, "Hang on, we're almost there."

A boy's playful account of trying to put his dad to sleep gives children a delightful heads up on what a pain they can be at bedtime, while affirming the tender bond between father and son. A joyful, sweet, laughter-inducing book that children will clamor to read again and again!

Awards and Reviews

“Saudo’s faux adult patter, translated persuasively by Bedrick, is dead on (“We said one story, and we’ve already read two. That’s enough for tonight”). Go the F**k to Sleep tried to convey a difficulty of the bedtime routine for parents; this is more imaginative, and can actually be read aloud to children.” – Starred Review, Publishers Weekly

“Young insomniacs will recognize themselves in the antics of the oversized dad and enjoy poring over the naively drawn details found on every page.” – Kirkus Reviews

"A turning of the tables and charming artwork set this warm and funny bedtime book apart from its kin...A guaranteed bedtime winner." - Jennifer M. Brown, Shelf Awareness (March 21, 2012)

" of the most charming and engaging picture books to hike down the pike in years. A story that upsets expectations but retains its heart, this is the perfect bedtime fare for any kiddo that rejects the very notion of going to sleep (and who has a sense of humor).

The art itself is just a delight. [...] Finally, from an aesthetic standpoint I couldn’t help but love that the pages of the book itself were thick and sturdy. They make it feel like it’s worthy of holding on to and treasuring.

This book is a true original in the best sense. Consider it your own little secret weapon on the war on bedtime. A find." -- Elizabeth Bird, Fuse #8